Brand Identity

The Fall 2012 semester just started and I’m back to blogging and designing! It’s nice to be back in class and able to do some more creative design as opposed to the corporate design I’ve been doing for my internship.

Our first assignment is a brand identity for a local coffee shop, “Algoma Coffee.” Below is my concepting for the design & feel. I took my decor cues from Restoration Hardware, my favorite interior design store. The target customer is stylish, age 21-50, professional and enjoys luxurious things for a reasonable price. The shop will be like going over to a friends house for a cup of coffee. You can relax by the fireplace or read a magazine in a oversized leather chair. The color palette is understated, rich and sophisticated. Together, the colors and type are inviting and warm.

Elegant music will play softly, and on the weekends live pianists will come to perform on the baby grand piano. The design will incorporate subtle pattern, reminiscent of a stylish wallpaper or rug. Overall, Algoma Coffee is sure to go above and beyond what other companies tout.


(Furniture photography was taken from the Restoration Hardware website.)


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