Logo talk – The Abstract Logo

Below are some example of abstract logos. Taken from my assignment: “Abstract logos are simple or complex arrangements, alterations or distortions of the representation of natural appearance. Non-representation or nonobjective symbols are invented and do not derive from anything visually perceived.” Most of the logos below are examples of non-representational logos, although the news corporation logo is reminiscent of a globe. There also seems to be a circular trend when it comes to abstract logos. Image


Logo talk – The Letterform

For the second project for my Corporate Identity class, we have to create two different types of logos again. This time we are focusing on Letterform & Abstract logos. Letterform marks combine letters and/or numbers into a letter-based symbol. Let’s a take a look at some examples:


Logo Type: Wordforms

Here are some examples of wordform logos. Some of them have some clever clues in there that have more meaning to them. For example, the Twins logo has the number 2 on it’s side. And the ‘n’ in the Eleven logo is actually a mini number 11. Very cool!Image

Logo types: Pictorial

The focus on our first assignment is to create two different types of logos. One that is strictly pictorial and one that is strictly logotype/typographic. Below are examples of some pictorial logos that I found particularly interesting. My favorite is the Minnesota Zoo logo because of it’s creativity of including the branch & leaves to make the lion’s face. Image

Label Design

Label Design

I wouldn’t buy this product to consume it. (I prefer clear spirits) I would buy it just for the cool bottle and label design! I keep leaning towards this vintage apothecary look in my designs lately.